Shop Fitting

What Electrical Work Is Needed For A Shop Fitting?

For any retail businesses owners in Norwich and the surrounding areas it is important that the electrics within your store are both safe and secure, thus giving you peace of mind to be able to concentrate on selling your goods or providing a service. By having a power supply that is consistent, as well as heating and lighting available at the press of a switch, you are well on the way to making your retail business a success.

Lighting & Security

A key component to any store is lighting. A well light and enticing display really can work wonders to boost sales. Other areas where lighting is required within a New Costessey store include the windows, signs, and at points of sale. For those lights that are likely to be constantly on then LED bulbs are recommended.

Security is important for both your staff and customers but also for the stock that is held within your store. A qualified electrician can fully assess the store to make recommendations of how security can be improved with the installation of things such as security lights, fire suppression systems, and alarms.

Health & Safety

As any retail business owner will be more than aware of, there are various different health and safety rules and regulations that must be strictly adhered to in order to operate within the law. By having a qualified electrician perform regular inspections and tests on the electrics within your store you can ensure that it is a safe environment for both your customers and staff members to be in. Remaining compliant with the law is vitally important.