Electrical Maintenance

What Is Electrical Maintenance (Domestic & Commercial)?

Electrical maintenance by a qualified electrician involves the general preservation and upkeep of systems and equipment that provide either domestic or commercial properties with an electricity supply. Whilst this can be performed by anyone with the necessary DIY skills, it is always recommended that it’s left to the professionals and done on a regular schedule.

Preventative Maintenance In Norwich

This involves the regular inspection and assessment of large equipment and systems in order to identify and resolve any minor issues before they have the chance to become larger ones and create significant problems for the property and the owner(s). This is particularly important for commercial units, such as factories, that need these pieces of equipment and systems fully operational in order to create the required output

Electrical Testing

As part of the electrical maintenance process, specialist testing equipment and methods are used in order to isolate any problems or issues. Because of the specialism, this should always be left to the professionals to do. It requires a sound understanding of things like system design and switchgears, things that even the most advanced DIYers or handymen are unlikely to have any knowledge about.