Electrical Installations

A Guide To Electrical Installation Testing

Over time most electrical installations naturally deteriorate due to the fact that they are functioning mechanisms that consist of various different working systems and components.

Similar to a Ministry of Transport (MOT) test for motor vehicles, it is of great importance that regular checks are carried out on conditions of the wiring and electrics within your home or business in Norwich. Doing this is essential for identifying defects and faults that require working on and ensures that they remain safe to use and fully operational.

Electrical Installation Condition Report

Performed by a fully qualified electrician, an Electrical Installation Report (EICR) is done in order to identify certain conditions, defects, deterioration, and damage that might lead to some sort of danger arising, as well as to make recommendations for improvements.

An EICR is often asked for by potential homebuyers during the sale of a property. Similar to this, landlords are increasingly being required to have periodic electrical installation tests performed on their rental property in order to be able to let it out.

What An Electrical Installation Condition Report Tells You

A comprehensive summary of the state of the electrics in your Spixworth property is provided as part of an EICR, along with confirmation of whether or not it is compliant with the very latest British Standard for electrical safety (currently BS 7671). Where it isn’t, the EICR will make recommendations as to what improvements need to be made in order to make it compliant.